Dazed and Confused

So you've trained yourself a machine learning classifier. You want to tweet it (or whatever the kids do these days) to the world! Print out a copy of the weight matrix for Mom to hang on the fridge.…

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Why Use AI to Label Data?

Why use AI to label data? Long story short, humans are slow.When humans are labeling text - for example reading a tweet and deciding if it demonstrates positive or negative sentiment - the whole process takes at least…

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A History of NLP Machines

The history of using machines to understand the meaning of natural language started as early as World War II and continues through present day.

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A History of NLP Machines

Progress to Jaxon

AI has a dirty little secret… it’s powered by humans! Armies of humans are annotating text to feed machine learning models (e.g. social, news, emails, call & chat logs, etc). That’s how machines learn (today anyway): they train…

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