Services Overview

Empowering businesses to automate their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve better results.

a web of interconnected dots, representing a completed knowledge graph

Knowledge Graph Building

Discover & Quantify Relationships in Messy Real-World Data

Organize all your information and make it more accessible by building knowledge graphs with Jaxon.

Knowledge graphs can be used to connect your disparate data and preserve the relationships between documents. Catalog the full depth of your organization’s data and surface more actionable insights than ever before.

Train Your Own Large Language Model

LLMs are a near-limitless tool to empower data science teams and accelerate productivity, but they need fine-tuning—the broad knowledge of an LLM like ChatGPT needs to be refined and deepened for a narrow use case.

Jaxon refines LLMs for specific businesses, domains, and use cases, no matter the size. Enjoy increased productivity and models that are more in tune with your data, ultimately creating better insights and decisions.

Custom Machine Learning Systems

Jaxon can help organizations build and deploy machine learning models. Jaxon AI automates many of the tasks involved in machine learning, such as data labeling, model training, and model evaluation.

Build more accurate, reliable models, and save time and money by incorporating AI into your model development pipeline.