Knowledge Graph Building

Supercharge Document Management & Analytics

Knowledge graphs connect your disparate data, preserve relationships between documents, and surface more actionable insights than ever before.

Uncover the relationships between concepts and documents

Parse structured and unstructured documents and adapt to different elements like tables, graphics, and free-form text.
Knowledge graph builder: data enters and is parsed with NLP tools. After parsing, a knowledge graph can be constructed.

Jaxon's knowledge graph discovers & quantifies relationships in messy real-world data.



The same concept may be phrased differently by different people.


The larger the datastore, the more difficult it is to navigate the gaps, inconsistencies, and contradictions.


Formatting differences between documents create barriers to systematic, automated loading of data into a structured database.

Use your data more efficiently & maximize the potential of data manipulation
Represent domain expertise to quickly find answers to research questions
Query highly interconnected data without getting tangled in the web
A knowledge graph that shows the common data elements in a range of connected documents.

Put the spotlight on relationships

There’s no need to query your way through the data, hunting for hidden relationships, because the data is already stored in a graph of records where relationships are 1st-class citizens.

The graph encodes knowable information through simple queries that always start with an initial node containing relevant data, connected to other nodes through more pathways.

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