Custom Machine Learning Systems

Our cutting-edge solutions significantly decrease project fail rates and address hallucinations, ensuring the reliability and precision your business needs.

Why Choose Jaxon

Jaxon leverages the power of LLMs, aligning them to specific use cases and domains while ensuring the accuracy of predictions.


We build solutions with growth in mind, ensuring that your custom AI scales with your business needs.


Our team comprises industry-leading AI specialists, researchers, and developers with decades of experience in crafting bespoke machine learning models and solutions.

End-to-End Services

From consultation and ideation to deployment and post-launch support, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Jaxon is a powerful productivity tool, improving performance on the use cases relevant to your organization.

How it Works

  1. Consultation: Capture your requirements and goals.

  2. Proposal & Design: We propose a solution architecture and timeline.

  3. Development: We begin crafting your custom AI solution.

  4. Testing & Iteration: We ensure thorough testing and iterate based on feedback.

  5. Deployment & Integration: We deploy the solution in your environment, ensuring smooth integration.

  6. Support: We offer optimization services to keep your AI running smoothly.
Fine-Tuned Machine Learning Models
Get models tailored to your unique datasets and specific business challenges.
Advanced Natural Language Processing
From chatbots to content analyzers, our NLP solutions can comprehend, generate, and interpret human language effectively.
Computer Vision
Equip your applications with the ability to process and understand visual data from the world.
Predictive Analytics
Forecast future outcomes and trends tailored to your industry.
Automation & Robotics
Boost productivity and reduce errors with AI-driven automation solutions.
Bespoke Neural Networks
From convolutional to recurrent, we design neural networks specific to your needs.
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Jaxon-tuned LLMs are rigorously tested and evaluated so they only see the facts,
not hallucinations.

Productivity Multiplier

LLMs tuned to specific language and use cases can accelerate many repetitive processes, so you can focus on solving business problems.

Improved Performance

Fine-tuned LLMs perform better on applications relevant to the organization, especially for nuanced, domain-specific language.

Cost Efficiency

Trained and distilled LLMs can be run on consumer hardware, lowering compute costs.

Data Security

All data, queries, and predictions stay in your own private cloud or on-premises.

Ready to transform your ideas into actionable AI solutions?

Reach out to us and let’s build the future, together.