Dr. Robert Jones

Chief Scientist

Rob has over 30 years of experience in the field of electronics, electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, and data science. He has special expertise in artificial intelligence and adaptive, data-driven algorithms, machine learning methods, and embedded systems design and development. He has strong talents in advanced mathematics, statistics, and theory/application of stochastic process models and stochastic optimization. He has also enjoyed research, defense, and commercial industries.

Rob has worked with NASA for many years, as well as for and with companies large and small. Prior to starting his own company, he developed advanced machine learning software, intellectual property, and applications for a small business that was ultimately acquired by Nokia. He approaches all of his work from sound and often advanced theory, then applies it with formal and rigorous engineering in both software and hardware. He has successfully led teams, managed projects, and been a principal technical contributor to many R&D and engineering programs in the public and private sectors worth millions of dollars.

After spending so much time in aerospace and defense, Rob has welcomed a change working in utilities, energy, IIoT, biotech, and fintech. Though he devotes himself passionately to technical work, he has also enjoyed being the Director of Software Engineering, Director of Data Science, and Chief Scientist for several companies, and now serves as Chief AI Engineer for The Intelligence Factory and Principal Data Scientist for Jaxon. He has a love of mentoring and educating others on technical subjects.

Rob holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Old Dominion University, a PhD in Computer Science from William & Mary, and a patent in the field of AI. He also has numerous publications and is a Senior Member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.