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We’re excited to introduce Jaxon 1.7, which includes UI updates and a project archive, and lets end users integrate the platform into their own applications with Python.

Get free access to Jaxon and test 1.7 for yourself!​

With Jaxon 1.7, you can access all of Jaxon’s capabilities directly without going through the UI.

Whether you’re a seasoned data scientist or a beginner, Jaxon can help you accelerate your machine learning projects and achieve the results you want.

NOTE: By clicking “Submit”, you agree to the following terms and guidelines:

    • Any data uploaded to this site will be visible to all users—please do not upload any sensitive data to Jaxon.
    • If you upload your own dataset, please make sure it’s under 25MB.
    • The Jaxon 1.7 Demo is hosted on a shared sandbox with limited resources. Please be aware that others may be on the platform at the same time.

If you’d like to have your own private instance, please contact us.

Learn more about the power of keeping large language models on-premises.

What’s included with Jaxon?

The functions available include Jaxon’s proprietary SmartSplit technology, which is a modernized way of splitting datasets into train and test sets. SmartSplit pays attention to stratification and maintains a balance between train, and test sets to be used for training models.

Jaxon also offers the Flask, which allows users to generate synthetic data with a mix of data synthesis methods. 

One of Jaxon’s staples is its AI-augmented data labeling capability. Hand labeling efforts remain time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors—machines are just better at simple, repetitive tasks. Using a combination of auto-labeling and synthetic data, Jaxon has rivaled state-of-the-art accuracy with over 1000x fewer manual labels. 

To read more about the features included with Jaxon, check out our products page.