Fine-Tuning LLMs

Accelerate business processes with custom LLMs.

Jaxon’s fine-tuned LLMs are a powerful productivity tool for business teams, improve performance on the tasks relevant to your business, and ensure sensitive data stays within the company.

Take advantage of the power of LLMs like GPT: Let AI take care of tedious and repetitive business processes while data science teams tackle the business’s biggest needs.

Jaxon leverages the power of LLMs, fine-tuning them for specific use cases and domains while ensuring accuracy of predictions.


Jaxon selects, curates, and preprocesses training and validation datasets in the target domain.

Weight Adjustment

Jaxon adjusts the LLM's billion+ weights with optimization algorithms tuned to your use case.


Jaxon trains the model and adjusts its weights until the desired accuracy is achieved.

Jaxon-tuned LLMs are rigorously tested and evaluated so they only see the facts, not hallucinations.

Productivity Multiplier

LLMs tuned to specific language and use cases can accelerate many repetitive processes, so you can focus on solving business problems.

Improved Performance

Fine-tuned LLMs perform better on applications relevant to the business, especially for nuanced, domain-specific language.

Cost Efficiency

Trained and distilled LLMs can be run on consumer hardware, lowering compute costs.

Data Security

All data, queries, and predictions stay in your own private cloud or on-premises, ensuring no data breaches