$29 per month*

For individual data scientists building custom AI applications



$99 per month*

For growing businesses managing multiple projects across the organization




For businesses with advanced security, management and support needs


*Once monthly token allocations have been met, it’s pay-per-use at $0.00002 per token thereafter. Each token is compute + storage for ~4 characters.


What is Jaxon?

Jaxon is an AI architect that comes up with the blueprints and then helps make sure users stick to the optimal path as they’re building. As an automated design tool, Jaxon helps users build complex systems, while addressing the hallucination challenge.

Who is Jaxon designed for?

Data scientists and software engineers that want superpowers, analysts looking for AI guardrails, and business leaders that want to ask the art of the possible.

Can I use Jaxon without a data science team?

Yes, absolutely! Jaxon is a chat agent that guides all users through the development process. Jaxon’s rockstar services team can also assist with projects or kickstart your first models.

Can I deploy Jaxon on-premises?

Yes, Jaxon can be deployed on any cloud and/or on-premises. Working within existing environments is our forte. Deployment can be as easy as a pip install. The Jaxon team can also help create custom knowledge graphs with your data.

How secure is my data?

Jaxon takes security very seriously. Jaxon was born out of work with the U.S. Department of Defense where data privacy is critical. As such, Jaxon goes beyond the average data security measures, ensuring your data is just for you.

How does it address hallucinations?

Jaxon’s proprietary Domain-Specific AI Language (DSAIL) is a fact checker that sits between Jaxon and the LLMs. DSAIL uses a sophisticated approach to run all information through a Boolean satisfier, ensuring all constraints are met. Learn more here

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