Applying AI to Sales Strategy with Innovative ICP Construction and Intent Ranking

Jaxon constructs a dynamic knowledge graph to determine the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from historical marketing and sales data, and marries 3rd-party intent signals like social media and geographic information, enhancing the ability for sales teams to target the right products to the right people.

A New Era of ICP

We believe in the immense value of understanding your ideal customer – what drives them, what interests them, and where they’re looking. The current tools available have their limitations, and that’s where we decided to step in with Jaxon. Our solution analyzes prospects’ topical searches, campaign feedback, website survey inputs, and more to provide a holistic view of the ideal prospect set.

Beyond data analysis, it intelligently processes these data sources to build an ICP profile. Then, it enables marketing and sales teams to view prospects ranked by the ICP fit-gap. Essentially, you get a bird’s eye view of how well a prospect matches the ideal customer profile, allowing sellers to prioritize and strategize effectively.

The Power of Machine Learning

What sets Jaxon apart from BI-driven solutions is the adaptability and learning capabilities of complex machine learning systems. It learns from each customer interaction – from campaign participation to sales calls, and from web collateral engagement to SEO search activity. This constant learning process continuously refines the ICP, ensuring up-to-date and accurate representations of the ideal customer. In other words, the more you use Jaxon, the smarter it gets. 

Moreover, Jaxon is getting smarter about each campaign’s ICP and applies that knowledge to targeting and campaign decisions in machine time. Versus waiting the typical 4 to 6 week turnaround time it usually takes for market signals to affect campaign operations, Jaxon makes it immediately available. This means intent data will be more current and have a greater impact on the campaign’s effectiveness.

Streamlining Processes with Intent Ranking

Our solution doesn’t stop at creating an ICP. It takes things a step further with the introduction of an “intent ranking.” The system generates an intent ranking for a list of accounts or contacts, and applies this to company-specific CRM or marketing automation databases. Regardless of where your data is stored – from simple spreadsheets to complex applications like and Shopify – our software seamlessly integrates, categorizing each contact based on their likelihood to convert.

By utilizing this intent ranking system, sales teams can effectively prioritize outreach efforts, ensuring their team focuses on the most promising leads. It’s like having a compass that always points you toward the most likely conversion opportunities.

Drive Results with Jaxon

With Jaxon, sales processes become streamlined, conversion rates improve, and return on investment is maximized. The beauty of this is that it’s all driven by a greater real-time intelligence into the intent of any marketplace.

Innovation drives us at Jaxon, and this nextgen market intent solution is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI and machine learning can do for businesses.

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