Alan F. Nugent

Board Director

Alan F. Nugent is a technology industry veteran who has served as CTO for global companies like CA Technologies, Novell, American Re, and Xerox. His  most recent corporate role was as SVP for the Oracle Cancer Research Cloudproject, a massive, curated multi-omics healthcare data repository designed to accelerate research for individualized treatments and molecular medicine. His career has reached a pinnacle in the last decade as he is mission-focused on the nexus of technology and global healthcare solutions. Currently, Al is the managing partner at Palladian Partners, LLC, a firm dedicated to solving healthcare challenges worldwide.
Al’s skills and experiences are particularly suited to technology transformation and disruption. His holistic approach to solving people, process, and product evolution has been proven out many times and in many disciplines.

Over the years, Alan has served on several boards and as an advisor to early and mid-stage technology and healthcare companies. Currently, he is on the board of, an AI-powered data labeling and training platform that helps build customized, fully trained models with minimal human supervision. He is also an
advisor to, a company whose Causeway platform uses causal models to remove complexity and increase explainability by providing a common language between data scientists and the business underpinned by the science of causality. Al co-authored Big Data for Dummies and was the lead technical editor for Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics and Causal Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Effective Business AI. Al studied EE, CS and Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.