Alan Caulkins

Principal ML Engineer

Alan Caulkins is a dedicated Software Engineer, System Administrator, and Consultant with proven skills in myriad languages, tools, and technologies. He has built and maintained small- to medium-sized business networks and web applications with multi-paradigm programming using Lisp-based languages. He also has extensive experience with system administration of Unix and Windows networks through automation tools and remote monitoring. Alan provides expertise on a wide range of vital technical issues.

Alan’s past projects and work focus on process automation, DevOps, and web development with experience in every layer of the software stack. He spent several years in the healthcare industry, where he built systems to process patient data in an active clinical setting. Prior to his work with Jaxon, Alan utilized his experience with HIPAA compliance, as well as traditional and single-page web applications, REST APIs, and Big Data processing.

Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Kansas State University.