A Fond Farewell: Outgrowing Boolean for Analytics

Boolean searches have long been a staple of analytics and search. But with the rise of knowledge graphs, AI, and large language models (LLMs), the relevance of Boolean searches as an analytics vehicle is quickly diminishing.

Why Boolean searches are Outdated

  • Boolean searches are too simplistic. They rely on exact keyword and rule matches, so they may miss relevant results that don’t match the criteria exactly.
  • Boolean searches can return irrelevant results. They are susceptible to lots of “false positives” – results that match the keywords but are not actually relevant.
  • Boolean searches require the user to know exactly what to search for. The user has to determine the right keywords and combinations to get to the information they need.

The Rise of Large Language Models

LLMs have proven to be tremendously powerful for analytics. They can understand the context and nuances of text, which allows them to generate more meaningful insights than simple keyword-based Boolean techniques.

However, LLMs also have some limitations. They are limited by the data they are trained on, and they can be difficult to interpret.

A Hybrid Approach

A hybrid approach that combines the strengths of knowledge graphs, LLMs, and human expertise is likely to produce the best results. This is where Jaxon comes in.

Jaxon: A Modern Analytics Platform

Jaxon is a modern analytics platform that integrates the structure and reliability of knowledge graphs with the flexibility and adaptability of LLMs. This allows you to generate more meaningful insights from your data while ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Jaxon is designed for use cases with constantly changing language and patterns. It can continuously update and retrain its models, making it more adaptable to evolving trends and topics in your data.

The Future of Analytics

The future of analytics is hybrid. It will combine the strengths of different approaches to generate more meaningful insights from data. Jaxon is a leading platform for hybrid analytics, and it is well-positioned to help you take advantage of the latest advances in analytics technology.

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