Jaxon Presents:

SmartSplit Technology

for Improving Dataset Splitting

August 20, 2020
12 pm ET

Jaxon’s patent-pending SmartSplit Technology is a proprietary means of splitting a dataset (e.g. into training and holdout datasets) in such a way as to avoid covariate drift and other latent differences between those datasets. 

Specifically, it aims to improve upon the standard baseline approach of random sampling given a pre-determined percentage split. 

In this webinar, our Engineering team will discuss the ins and (non-proprietary) outs of SmartSplit technology, including: 

The Whats

What is SmartSplit technology?
What brought about the need for this solution?

The Whys

Why does data need to be split?
Why is covariate drift an issue?

The Hows

How does data splitting increase the accuracy of my production model?
How do you measure the effectiveness of SmartSplit?

Artificial Intelligence

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