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If you want a fast track to production, having a general purpose training platform for labeling data and prototyping models in one place is the first step. 

Here are a few features you’ll see in the demo:


Instead of using it once and throwing it away, see how training assets can be used to retrain, pretrain, or solve other specific tasks.


Jaxon uses unlabeled data to generate new, augmented labeled examples that help train a model to be consistent in its predictions.


Eliminate the burden of manually labeling training data. Use a small subset of hand-labeled data to automatically label entire datasets.

Domain-Specific Datasets

With a self-adjusting pipeline, Jaxon creates training datasets tied to company-specific data.

See how Jaxon has helped data scientists and engineers like you build AI faster:

Because of COVID, the vocabulary and the way we are talking about subjects has changed. With Jaxon, we can retrain our model every week or even every day.
Top 15 gaming company
Before Jaxon, we had to create a mini-Jaxon for each use case, cobbling together bespoke training pipelines. Those models often got wasted and it was typically just throwaway code. There was no tooling around automating this process until Jaxon.
Top 10 retailer

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Just tell us where to reach you. 

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Jaxon is an AI platform that trains other AI to more accurately understand natural language from raw text.

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