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Classifying call and message logs and verifying that they are accurately routed to the proper team based on the issue at hand can be tedious and error-prone, particularly for high-volume contact centers. Each time a call or message is routed or classified incorrectly based on an agent’s best guess, there is a significant time increase for both the resolution team and the customer. Incorrect routing and time delays can lead to customers becoming upset over more than just the initial issue and can lead to bad reviews and loss of future business. 

Jaxon enables call centers to streamline efficiency and optimize call and message classification. By analyzing historical patterns and data, Jaxon understands the context of logs, interpreting subtle clues and nuances (eg word choice and sentiment) to ensure that messages are classified correctly in a matter of seconds. 


Jaxon fits a wide variety of use cases and solutions - see a few here:

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Jaxon is an AI platform that trains other AI to more accurately understand natural language from raw text.

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