Fast Track to Gold

I first read about Lean Thinking in the book The Machine That Changed the World, based on MIT’s $5M, five-year study on the future of auto manufacturing. The concept of ‘lean’ embraces ideas like just-in-time delivery, elimination of waste…

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Just Enough Human Supervision

We had hubris a couple years ago, thinking you can create accurate machine learning (ML) models completely unsupervised. Turns out, some human supervision really is needed. Just enough human knowledge to train the model properly. The trick is…

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The ‘Gotchas’ of ML/NLP

Building machine learning models can be exhilarating - finding that optimal combination of technologies and piecing them together into a final, smooth end result gives a unique sense of accomplishment that only data scientists and engineers really understand.…

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Dazed and Confused

So you've trained yourself a machine learning classifier. You want to tweet it (or whatever the kids do these days) to the world! Print out a copy of the weight matrix for Mom to hang on the fridge.…

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Jaxon vs. Humans: Why Use AI to Label Data?

Long story short, humans are slow. When humans are labeling text - for example reading a tweet and deciding if it demonstrates positive or negative sentiment - the whole process takes at least 10 seconds. However, a machine…

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Jaxon vs. Humans: Why Use AI to Label Data?

A History of NLP Machines

The history of using machines to understand the meaning of natural language started as early as World War II and continues through present day.

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A History of NLP Machines

Progress to Jaxon

AI has a dirty little secret… it’s powered by humans! Armies of humans are annotating text to feed machine learning models (e.g. social, news, emails, call & chat logs, etc). That’s how machines learn (today anyway): they train…

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